Afivo  0.3
Introduction to Afivo

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Snapshot of a simulation performed with Afivo

What is Afivo?

Afivo is a framework for simulations on adaptively refined quadtree and octree grids. Because Afivo has no built-in support for specific physics applications a user has to write his/her own numerical methods. Some key features/characteristics of the framework are:

The motivation for developing Afivo is discussed in [9]. In summary, the main reason was to provide a relatively simple framework that can easily be modified.

For which problems can Afivo be used?

Afivo can be used to simulate physical systems exhibiting multiscale features, e.g. features that appear at different spatial and temporal scales. Numerical simulations of such systems benefit from Afivo's adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), especially if a high-resolution mesh is only required in a small fraction of the total volume.

What is included?

Afivo provides general functionality for parallel simulations with adaptive mesh refinement:

See the Modules page for all included modules. Have a look at the Documentation contents to get started with Afivo.

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