Afivo  0.3
Introduction to Afivo

What is Afivo?

Afivo is a generic framework for simulations on adaptively refined quadtree and octree grids [9]. Some key features/characteristics of the framework are:

What is included?

Afivo provides general functionality for parallel simulations with adaptive mesh refinement:

  • It can adjust the refinement according to user-supplied information
  • It stores cell-centered and face-centered variables
  • It provides routines to perform restriction and prolongation (to convert fine grid values to coarse ones and vice versa)
  • It can fill so-called ghost cells, which allow the user to perform computations as on a uniform grid
  • It can (help) solve elliptic partial differential equations with the built-in multigrid methods
  • It can write output in Silo and VTK format, which can directly be visualized with tools such as Visit

See the Modules page for all included modules. Have a look at the Documentation contents to get started with Afivo.

Relevant publications

  • [9] Paper describing Afivo
  • [8] Paper describing a streamer simulation code based on Afivo
  • [7] Paper in which Afivo was first used
  • Papers in which Afivo was used: [1] [2] [6] [4] [5]