Jannis Teunissen


Life and video games

I'd say life and video games are pretty similar:

  • It's nice to play with others
  • Typically, you want to get good at it
  • There are three main motives to actively participate:
    1. To enjoy yourself now
    2. To invest in future enjoyment
    3. To not have to think about it all

And if you think about the “real” goal for a long time, there really isn't any.

Surprising habits

  • To be quite critical in your choice of clothes, food, shoes and so on, but to never put any effort in picking a comfortable mouse and keyboard.
  • To use a laptop as your primary computer (with no external keyboard, monitor and mouse).
  • To use a desk and a chair that are not comfortable.
  • To not know basic keyboard shortcuts after years of using the same environment.

The most plausible explanation I can think of, is that some people are just completely captured by the interaction with the screen. It greatly reduces their other senses, especially those related to comfort.