Jannis Teunissen


Simulation codes

These are some of the simulation codes that I have developed or worked on:

Link Description
Afivo doc Parallel AMR framework with multigrid methods
Afivo-streamer doc Parallel AMR code for streamer discharge simulations
Afivo-pic Parallel AMR code for particle-in-cell discharge simulations
MPI-AMRVAC doc Parallel AMR framework aimed at hyperbolic PDEs, with a focus on (magneto)hydrodynamics
octree-mg MPI-parallel geometric multigrid library, AMR compatible
particle_core Library for particle simulations for electric discharges in 1D, 2D, 3D
Particle_swarm Monte Carlo Boltzmann solver using electron swarms
streamer_1d 1D particle and fluid code for discharge simulations

And these are some of the (simulation) utilities that I have developed: